My Footprints in Cyberspace:

In January 2005 when I first joined “Becoming A Webhead” (BAW), a six-week online course in TESOL’s Electronic Village, I felt very nervous because I didn’t know much about Internet technologies in general. I was just learning how to “walk” in cyberspace and got lost every now and then. Our two wonderful moderators Dafne Gonzalez and Teresa Almeida d’Eca didn’t leave me behind. They paid attention to all of us (over 200 participants) and offered help whenever they could. Other participants who already had the skills to “somersault” in cyberspace were also unconditionally caring and supportive. When I was able to take “my first step” on my own, they applauded me and encouraged me to take more steps further. Soon, I felt very comfortable in this wonderful group of international teachers because this was the place Where I could learn without fear. Stumbling along the path, I was well “fed” with the “nutrition” that enabled me to “walk” more steadily. “Growing up” in BAW 2005 was a wonderful learning experience that broadened my horizons. This extraordinary group opened the door for me to the magic of cyberspace where I can explore technologies in teaching. I’m inspired to take the journey through the cyberspace with BAW 2006, and I hope that my “footprints” in cyberspace will become bigger and more solid soon.

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